Personal Connections

   My uncle was diagnosed with prostate cancer earlier this year (2011) and it was a very sensitive, frightening and stressful time for him and my aunt.  Luckily, he received treatment, recovered and is doing well.
   Over 11 years ago, another one of my uncles was diagnosed with prostate cancer, received treatment and was later diagnosed with lung cancer.  He passed away this past June (2011) after years of battling the disease and having been told he would only have so many months to live.  
   I discovered this past summer that diabetes runs in my family on my mother’s side . . in addition to my uncle (first mentioned) and two cousins
   Sometimes all it takes is a personal connection for people to get involved with supporting a cause.  It's so easy to say that time limits your ability to feel as though you can truly contribute, support and dedicate yourself to multiple charities... but every minute, thought and prayer count.  
   For a few years I have been supporting the importance of the National Cervical Cancer Coalition because their site and organization was created from pure hope, offered information my doctor couldn't provide, a support group of others coping with the same issues and a sense of personal belonging.  I didn't feel ashamed to not have all the answers that I thought I should have already known.
   Personal connections.  In good times and in hard times we celebrate and we cope.  Events and the people who join to honor those the event is for bring significant meaning to our lives.  We build upon our personal connections by sharing with others in the hope of creating strong relationships. 


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