Wedded Bliss

ni neart go cur le cheile
(our wedding bands: le cheile and warrior ring)

    Traditionally, how do two people express their love and commitment to each other?  By way of marriage.

    This was certainly a day of blessing more so than a day of bliss.  To be fortunate to have someone to share your true self without criticism, to fill your life with laughter, guidance and unconditional love and acceptance.  This day I did not marry just my best friend but my lifelong companion who has brought me the calmness, guidance and light that I so lacked.  More importantly, we were fortunate to share this day with family and friends, many of whom traveled from all points of the country to be with us.

    A lot of work went into this day, as to be expected.  We made virtually everything used in the wedding in terms of bouquets, boutonnieres, flower girl and ring bearer items, etc.  It was exciting to work on these projects, I suppose this was the day I had been working toward with all those miscellaneous crafts I had done over the years (?).  

    I will be adding some subpages to share the projects we worked on.  The first page will share the bridal brooch bouquet journey - I think this was the most exciting project.... Any of the pictures can be enlarged by clicking on them - just be sure to hit your browser's back button after viewing.