Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The iPad2 Project

  Ever have the perfect something in mind but can never seem to find that exact item anywhere?  

  My husband gave me an iPad2 for graduation with a very nice leather cover.  I looked far and wide for an organizer that would also hold my charger, ear buds, attachments, etc. but I couldn't quite find anything that I really liked so I turned to making my own.  

  I flipped through several websites for ideas from others who created sleeves and cases but none of which had pockets for organizing.  I opted to create the standard iPad case with the opposite side dedicated to pockets.  It ended up with an extra, unintended pocket which actually comes in handy to hold the extension charger and misc papers, etc.  I do need to add elastic to some of the smaller pockets to prevent things from slipping out.

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