Thursday, October 4, 2012

New uses for old things?

Thanks to my sister's sisterly antics at the bridal shower that she, my mom and friends threw for me nearly two years ago, I am now the proud owner of many old, wooden thread spools.  These spools are totally neat and I had a project in mind to make some kind of tapestry out of them but thanks to Pinterest, I am finding more and more new uses for these old spools.

The first project I have started are simple purse hooks.  Inspired by what I saw people using them for as jewelry hooks, I thought I could use the larger ones as purse hooks at the entryway of our house.

Very simple:  From JoAnn Fabric I bought two, unfinished 3x5 pieces of wood, two colors of acrylic paint and a package of D-Strap hangers.  I attached the hangers to back of the wood, painted them and let set overnight to dry although the acrylic paint I purchased dries quickly. 

This morning, I applied wood glue to one side of the spools and placed a heavy book over them for about an hour.  I do need to purchase some 1.5 inch nails because I want to place additional security on the spools to the block by hammering two nails from the backside of the block into the spool.  Once I do this, I will start using the purse hooks.

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