Sunday, October 7, 2012

Upcycled Shopping Bag

I'm getting around to setting up my work station and realized that I do not have a small trash bin anymore.  Floor space is limited so I needed to get a little creative . . . 

We had our kitchen utensil rail from the previous place hanging around so I decided to put it to use in the work room.  The intent was to use it to hold all of my cutting tools but I have since found a really great n' old medicine cabinet from the flea market for that.  So now what?  No trash bin, limited floor space - maybe I'll hang a trash bag.  But that makes me feel trashy so I'll sew some fabric around it and make it cute  :)

I'm no professional so I needed a little guidance in what others have done when working with plastic.  I found a tutorial on how to make a plastic-lined snack baggy but I didn't feel as though I needed to iron the plastic and I wasn't looking to use my trash bag for anything more than scrap fabric and paper.  The tutorial is still really cute and a project I might try down the road. 

I ended up going with a standard lined bag, just lined with plastic:

The plastic bag is from TJMaxx and it says it would like to thank me for recycling their bag, knowing that I love the planet.

I added boxed corners, just to add a little character . . .

With the help of some great tutorials: Lazy Girl and Jessab Crafts

Next on the list - hanging fabric holders for scissors, rotary cutter and other tools.

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