Monday, December 17, 2012

Simple Chocolate Treats

I am a simpleton.

The almond joys I made a few months ago turned out gigantic and were difficult to eat without making a gigantic mess so I decided the next go would be something bite sized.  These turned out to be perfect.  They take two bites (unless you're my husband who pops the whole thing in his mouth) and are just as satisfying as the "real" thing.

1. Lined mini baking cups with melted chocolate
2. Filled with coconut filling using a small cookie dough scoop
3. Placed one slightly roasted almond in each cup
4. Topped with ~1 teaspoon of melted chocolate
5. Let candies set in refridgerator

This recipe is very, very easy to make and I found it on the Greens and Chocolate blog.

But now what do I do with leftover chocolate??  More marshmallows!  These cute candy cane marshmallow treats came from the Liv Life blog.

I also went back to stuffed, dipped marshmallows.  I stuffed the marshmallows with larger chunks of crushed candy cane, dipped in leftover chocolate and rolled in smaller crushed candy cane.  It's a peppermint frenzy!

More chocolate, still?  No problem!  Husband and I are fans of chocolate dipped pretzels.  I still had toffee chips from my failed attempt at homemade twix and my last marshmallow frenzy and leftover pecans from Thanksgiving - perfect for chocolate dipped pretzel embellishments!
I chose salted versus unsalted pretzels.  I really like the salty n' sweet mix and these mini pretzels are perfect for satisfying a mini sweet craving.

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